About RefractiveSource

This website was originally launched in 2000. At that time, public interest in laser vision correction was high due to its novelty and life-changing potential — yet the available information seemed like it was dominated by promotional television infomercials, radio spots, and newspaper advertisements. As I was undergoing fellowship training in refractive surgery management at the Jules Stein Eye Institute, UCLA School of Medicine, I realized that patients often had expectations about the procedure that significantly differed from reality. I felt that patients should have access to information about laser vision correction that was free of potential conflict; but I found that there were relatively few balanced sources of information. With the Internet gaining public acceptance, I spent hundreds of hours developing RefractiveSource, to bring to light the benefits, risks, and alternatives about laser vision correction. This was a project driven by public service. Within a year, RefractiveSource logged over a million hits, as the website gained publicity in industry publications and doctors recommended the website to their own patients.

Eye care technology changes rapidly. I underestimated the demands of website upkeep to have content that paralleled industry changes. With my time divided between my San Diego optometry practice, industry consulting, and personal commitments, I established a partnership in 2007 with AllAboutVision.com, the leading eye care website for consumers, to update the information on RefractiveSource and enable readers to link to expanded information. AllAboutVision's journalists have extensive experience in the eye care field. The result is that RefractiveSource's visitors will have access to updated, independent and impartial content, but in a manner that is sustainable due to advertising revenue.

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Brian Chou, O.D., F.A.A.O.
San Diego, Calif.