Can I Have Refractive Surgery?

There are several general requirements to be eligible for refractive surgery:

Keep in mind, there are many exceptions and additions to these guidelines. If you have any interest in undergoing refractive surgery, consult an eye doctor to discuss your candidacy. Although you may believe you understand what it means to have a stable prescription, healthy eyes, and good general health, you probably are not an expert. For example, most people may think a 45-year old patient with increasing difficulty reading, a retinal hole, and high blood pressure is not a candidate. In actuality, this hypothetical patient probably is a candidate.

Try this interactive LASIK screening test: Am I a Candidate for LASIK?

Most refractive surgery centers offer free consultations so you can find out whether you are a candidate for refractive surgery. The majority of people who need corrective lenses are acceptable candidates for one or more types of refractive surgery.

The important thing is to find an experienced and reputable refractive surgeon. If you know someone who has had LASIK or some other vision correction procedure, ask them what the experience was like. Sometimes, a word-of-mouth referral is the best way to find a good LASIK surgeon. But do your homework and learn as much as you can about your surgeon before you consent to surgery.